These Two Daily Questions Can Lead To Success

When you’re an entrepreneur, every decision you makes counts, whether it’s deciding just how far you’ll go to satisfy a client, or how much time you’ll spend that day on consolidating the finances. Every choice affects how your business will progress, because you’re in charge. That’s why if you serious about success there are two simple questions you need to ask yourself every single day. And once you have the answers, you’ll have a clearer path to success! The two questions are:

Where Do I Want To Be?

This is an important question to ask repeatedly—if not daily—because it is your goal, and goals can change. If you find yourself asking this question and this answer lines up with what you’re still doing over the course of the workday, it means you’re on the right track. If there’s a huge difference between what you’re doing now and where you want to go, then you need to make some big changes.

How Will I Get There Today?

Once you’ve established a goal, you need a plan to make fulfill the goal. This combination of visualising a final outcome and then taking steps to move towards it is an important start to any workday. Having a plan of attack gives the structure for a workday that an entrepreneur needs. When you run your own business, your job is no longer as simple as “do whatever it is you were hired to do, all day, every day.”

Asking these two questions is critical to giving you the direction you need for the many hats that a business owner must wear over the course of a day, week, month and financial year. Without this kind of focus, you can spend a lot of energy not really moving forward. But two important questions can keep you on track.