Three Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

There are a lot of new ways to engage with customers in the online world these days. And while social media is a new platform you should be effectively courting, don’t ever neglect the fundamentals, like email. Email marketing is still an effective way to reach out to an individual, especially if it’s someone that has shopped with you in the past. If you have an email list of existing customers or clients try these three techniques to build on that relationship.

Promotional Email

You shouldn’t just be using email addresses to ship receipts to customers. When you have special promotional events, take advantage of this to notify the people that have shopped with you before. This is especially important if a customer has a purchase history that aligns with a particular promotion you’re running.

Segment Your List

Keep track of which clients or customers are interested in what you offer. If you sell a variety of different goods, make note of your customer preferences. After all, if a customer has shown an avid interest in shirts, with no purchase history of buying shoes, then a promotion for shoes is unlikely to be welcomed or appreciated. Take the time to make the distinctions for a higher chance of hitting the right target.

Use Cart Abandonment Email

Sometimes a customer may be on the verge of buying something, even going so far as to add it to the shopping cart your website provides… and then just leaves it there, with the transaction left incomplete. There can be a variety of reasons for this, from something coming up in real life to interrupt the process, to an impulse buy that is interrupted by second thoughts. Always try to reengage customers. This doesn’t mean you should scold them into completing the transaction, but a gentle reminder, as well as recommendations of similar products may be the poke they need to see the purchase to completion.