Three Ways To Be More Fulfilled With Your Work

Deciding to go into business for yourself can potentially be the most fulfilling career decision you’ll ever make; but there are no guarantees. In the same way that a regular job can overwhelm you with the demands it makes on your time and all the distractions that come with it, your own business can do exactly the same thing. But there are a few things you can do to keep your business more fulfilling than your old job. Here are a few tips.

Don’t Be Responsible For Everything

That’s an ironic statement considering that running your own business means being your own boss, but while you will definitely be shouldering more responsibility, you shouldn’t be taking on ALL the responsibility. So if you hire someone to do a job you once did, let that new hire do it. Don’t hover over them trying to get them to do the job exactly the way you would do it. Don’t fret about the decisions your new clients may make and feel that their choice, which might not have lined up with your hopes, is entirely your fault. You are not responsible for everything. Don’t act like it.

Don’t Be Too Self-Critical

Self-improvement is always an admirable thing. Self-criticism however, especially if it gets to the point where it negatively impacts your attitude, or even starts taking time out from the work day as long sessions of beating yourself up rather than working—which leads to even more self-criticism—can be devastating. Do what you can as best you can, and don’t dwell on what should have been.

Enjoy The Little Daily Victories

In the same token, good things can happen all the time, every day if you ‘re willing to accept them. The small kindnesses, lucky breaks, and many other small things that can go right with our lives are all around us. Appreciating them can make your day go by faster and easier and that can make your work and workplace much better.