Three Subtle Marketing Strategies

Marketing is half art and half craft, meaning there are techniques that can definitely be learned like a skill or a trade, but there are also nuances to it that take a certain talent or predisposition to properly exploit. While most people will say that marketing only works when it’s big and loud, there are some subtle tools you can use that can be just as effective. Here are a few of the best.

Going Viral

One of the best ways to achieve mass marketing reach is to not even have to do the marketing, but let thousands—or even millions—of people do it for you. The phenomenon of “going viral” is new to social media, but it’s an effective strategy. Create something so compelling and so provocative that people need to share it with others, and then let the momentum build all by itself. It’s a marketing dream, but also very hard to pull off.

Create Content For Skimmers
With so much information available everywhere, no one wants to spend a lot of time on any one source. Skimming has become the new way to consume content, so take advantage of that. People don’t want long points anymore, they want things short and easy to digest. Give it to them and stay away from anything that can bog down your ideas.

Simplicity Wins

A minimal approach is a winning approach simply because it gives people less to process. Complexity takes time and the Internet generation doesn’t want to waste any more time than it has to, even if that just means extra seconds. Pare down content, make it as easy to digest as possible, and embrace minimalism. With less to look at or read, an audience has to focus on what little you give them, making it even more important.