Three Key Areas To Improve eCommerce Conversions

Once you have attracted people to your website with a great marketing campaign, your next hurdle is to convert those visitors into customers. Conversion can be difficult, but if you focus on these three key areas, you can turn any traffic into a customer:

1. Website Navigation

Website navigation is crucial to conversion. If you visitors do not understand how to view your products, how to check out, or how to contact you with questions, they are going to get frustrated and leave. Website navigation should always be intuitive and easy. So review your website and think about how to make the shopping experience even easier for your customers and upgrade your design to accommodate those needs.

2. Checkout Process

The checkout process is another area that is crucial to high conversion rates. If purchasing your product is not easy, they’ll end up frustrated and look for another company. So you want to make sure that they can check out easily, you accept a variety of payments, and that you have full transparency about when they will be receiving their products. Also make sure that you offer customer service options if they have any questions and transparency about your returns policy.

3. Products Listings

You want your customers to understand the products you offer, so make sure you make the products page easy to understand. Offer easy navigation, brief descriptions they can skim, and detailed, informative descriptions once they delve deeper. Also make sure the products can be searched, filtered, and refined by category so that customers can find exactly what they want from your offerings.

Turning visitors into customers just takes a little focus on these key areas. The hard part is getting them engaged in your product. Once there, make it easy for them to buy!