Three Essential Tools For New Entrepreneur

If you’re just starting out on your own business, there can be a lot to learn. Fortunately, modern entrepreneurs also have a lot of new, 21st century tools and aids that make running your own business a little easier than it has been in the past. Success still isn’t an easy ride, but these tools can definitely make a difference.


The age of retailers needing a cash register is over, and Vend is one tool that lets people collect payments without needing that clunky old technology. It’s web-based POS software that includes all kinds of great features like loyalty programs, online and offline functionality, and works with major ecommerce platforms like PayPal, Shopify and, to name a few. It’s critical that once you start a business, you have a way to collect payments.


Part of digital marketing is using the various social media platforms, and Buffer lets users manage all of them at the same time. Create content once, send it to all the major channels, and enjoy some analytics tools that can actually tell you which posts are doing well and on which platforms so you can tweak and tailor your marketing. This is an essential tool for online promotion. Social media platforms have changed the way marketing works, and it’s important to manage yours efficiently.


Email marketing is still a powerful method of getting customers and sales. GetResponse is one of the better tools out there for people that use this strategy. It’s got everything you need, including email designs, landing pages, auto-responders and analytics to let you see how effective your marketing actually is. Probably the most impressive thing about this software package is that it can even help you with personalized email marketing campaigns which are one of the most effective drivers for revenue around.