Three Billionaires Who Made Their Fortune At Home

One thing that a lot of entrepreneurs think in the beginning is that getting out of an office and being able to work in your own space or home is rewarding enough. But for some, the rewards of going into business for yourself go beyond just having more control and hit to stratospheric levels of success. It doesn’t happen often, but it IS possible to become a billionaire just by having a business at home and these people have the billions to prove it.

Sara Blakely

Sara’s online apparel website, Spanx, started from her humble beginnings selling fax machines door to door and finding the pantyhose she wore was not up to the demands of her job in hot, humid Florida. She put her life’s savings of $5000 into a move to Atlanta, where she prototyped new types of hosiery that used different sizes of waistband, instead of a single industry standard size that had been the norm for decades. Her new products, more comfortable and friendlier for women, and tested with actual use with women, sold in record amounts.

Frank Wang

Frank Wang built his first prototype drones in his dorm room while he was still in college. By 2006, he had formed a Chinese company specializing in civilian drones called DJI Technologies. Today, his drones are a retail standard and used for many recreational and professional purposes. He is now the world’s first billionaire to make his fortune in the drone industry.

Markus Perrson

You may not know the name, but millions of people across the planet know his product, and it is the breakout construction game known as Minecraft. Perrson was originally a game developer for Swedish software studio, then a programmer for photo management software called Jalbum, but worked on Minecraft in his spare time at home. Eventually, in 2010, he quit his job to focus on Minecraft, and the rest is history; the game became a huge global phenomenon, and the entire intellectual property was eventually purchased by Microsoft.