Delighting Customers

It’s great whenever you make a sale online, but too many businesses make the mistake of just stopping at that point, content with the sale. However, what happens if you take extra steps to delight the customer? The answer is that you increase the chances of earning a repeat customer and building your brand in a big way.

That’s one of the biggest challenges with ecommerce – helping your brand identity stand out. But did you know that the average online store gets as much as 43% of their revenue from repeat purchases? That means simply that you need to take steps to give customers a reason to come back. And the way that you engage with them after a purchase can help dramatically.

Here are some ideas to help you do just that.

  • Customize the Thank You Page – Don’t just give your shoppers a generic ‘Thanks for your purchase’ page. Instead, change the text so that it thanks them by name or that it confirms what they’ve purchased. You may even add personalized suggestions as to other items they’d be interested in.
  • Custom Emails – From the order confirmation to the shipping confirmation, sending out those emails keeps customers informed on the status of their orders. It also gives you another opportunity to use their name, thank them again, and connect with them personally. Make the experience easy, too. Give them tracking info, estimated arrival date, and a review of what’s on the way. It all helps keep them excited about their order and engaged with your company.
  • Make Unboxing Special – Believe it or not, YouTube is filled with videos of nothing but people unboxing their orders. While tech items are often the focus, the fact is that unboxing has become an experience. Make it special for your shoppers. Use custom inserts with a message to them, and package so that it’s attractive to open. If you take that little extra step, it makes a big difference.

These tips can help you engage with customers even after they make a purchase and turn a one-time shopper into a repeat, loyal customer.