Seeking The Next Level In Start-Ups

While online business ventures do provide entrepreneurs with a resource filled outlet for building a company, there are also pitfalls that can occur along the way which may present obstacles to success.  However, just like traditional brick and mortar storefronts, promotions may get customers in the doors or on the site, but this does not guarantee that sales will be made.

The Psychology Of Conversion

In traditional businesses, the extent of face time that is offered to customers can help to convince in asking for the sale.  This can be a combination of the interactions between sales people and clients, especially since more individualized approaches help in gauging actual inclination and motivation to purchase.  Online, this can be a more difficult factor to control, and can also mean lower conversions on steady traffic to the site.

Many of the factors that can hinder conversion are related, and they are also connected for the consumer demand for personalized shopping experiences, and value added interactions for service.  In cases where lack of website functionality prevents from customers completing a sale, it can be obvious to see how a stronger human face to the business, and practical considerations of website use can influence the will to do commerce.

This also relates to a common occurrence, which is that some action of the website itself or of the operational and marketing plan has basically soured consumer impressions of the company.  Correcting this can include improving website functionality, but it can also include sincerely interacting with clients and troubleshooting their objections.  This also involves a more human approach to digital marketing and commerce.

Avoiding Overload

It should also be noted that a functional website is one that combines visual aesthetics with the practicality of making it convenient for customers to purchase.  Current tendencies of using much flash animation, or having sites that are interactive to the point of distraction may keep customers from actually making the purchase they had already intended.

All of these points also relate back to basic tenets for conversion:

  • Ensure that the value of the product or services to the clients is greater than the basic consumer demand for similar offerings
  • Find the right customers for your product and your brand

By following these simple pointers, start-ups can easily move from simply being visible to actually making money online.