The Secret To Running A Business

While sitting down to an interview, the businessman Will Beckett, who has spearheaded a British restaurant franchise known as Hawksmoor, as was asked if he had any advice for running a business and keeping customers happy. Beckett actually hinted that the same piece of advice applied to both, and he confessed that the secret was simple. In his own words, the secret to success was to just “Work hard and be nice to people.”

In Management

When you take those words and apply them at the management level, this means that not only do you treat your employees well, they see that you are “in the trenches,” putting in just as much—if not more—effort than they are. It’s hard for anyone to complain about a boss that works hard and, perhaps even better, it can even be inspiring, especially when that boss is nice to them. That combination of affection and respect makes for a good working atmosphere.

Engaging Customers

When you work hard and be nice to people who also happen to be your customers, this can also have a pretty dramatic effect. Everyone wants to be treated well, so while it may seem obvious to be nice to customers, working hard for them can also have a lot of indirect benefits. A customer feels both appreciative and respectful when they realize you are putting in a lot of genuine effort to serve them, and this creates customer loyalty. Who wouldn’t want to give more business to someone that treated them well and went the extra mile for them?


When you offer a product or service, working hard is essential if you want to sell it. But being nice to people can also create a lot of professional bonds and alliances that you can benefit from. Business may be competitive, but that doesn’t mean everyone in it is your enemy. Always give it your best shot, but remember to respect the people you’re with, and they’ll do the same for you.