Integrated Access Gives E-Commerce Further Networking Outlets

On a surface level, it may appear as though the days of door to door sales people are mostly a thing of the past, yet, recent changes on social media networks could indicate that further integration of traditional sales practices and modern technology is on the horizon.  While Facebook has been steadily moving its platform for greater business functionality and application, changes to the messenger system represent some of the most significant points for online sellers.

Testing And Trending

Initial expansions to provide for greater business representation on the social network have appropriately addressed changing consumer demands in online retail as well.  Although the convenience of shopping from the home and having access to hard to find items was an initial draw for most consumers, the lack of support, difficulties with payments, and impersonal feel of online shopping has also led to a distinct preference for retailers who endeavor to make the experience appropriately interactive.

Along with this consumer demand for better dialogue, initial Facebook business tools also incorporated the traditional organic aspect of word of mouth marketing within social contexts.  While both of these factors have elevated social medial channels for marketing, the most recent changes to the network further promote these best practices for business.

Starting Conversations

Current focus for Facebook marketing is on upgrades for the messenger feature, with additions that include:

  • The ability to post images and video in personal chats
  • Functionality for person to person payments through the feature
  • An outlet for personalized customer support, feedback, and dialogue

What will perhaps be most fascinating in exploring how these messenger features impact online commerce, will also be in monitoring how this impacts marketing.  While many initial digital start-ups have still been taking an expansionist approach for reaching an audience, the messenger features bring marketing back to a personal experience that can provide the sense of a boutique, while still operating on a larger regional scale.