Asked Questions

How much income do the websites currently make?

The websites have not been marketed (advertised) or promoted as yet so they do not currently generate any revenue. 
If we were to keep the stores & outlay marketing costs so they are all making an income, and then sell them, the package pricing we currently charge would be at least 3 to 8 times the existing pricing. 

Can I have examples of other businesses you have sold?

We have sold hundreds of ready to go website businesses throughout the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, feel free to visit our reviews page for live video testimonials from clients.

Please note:  some of these store owners have been kind enough to do testimonials on our website to save people contacting Click Start Digital clients, so please respect their privacy and refrain from calling them and asking them personal questions about their business. 

Does the website come with a shopping cart?

Yes our websites are all built on a popular & easy to use platform (Word Press) with a built in shopping cart plugin (Woo Commerce).

Will the business cost me any money to run?

All businesses cost money to get started and maintain. Here is an estimate: 

Website Hosting: from $60 per year

Free Call Number (optional): up to $60 per year

Address / P O Box (optional): $60+ a year 

Marketing & Advertising: you set your budget for this but we recommend spending at least $200 to $400 per week.

Your online business will only be as successful as the number of visitors or traffic you can send to your website. It’s like opening a store in the middle of the desert, if you don’t drive traffic to it, nobody will find you. Marketing money is not dead money as you should be getting a return on your investment.


What would be an expected income from these businesses?

It depends on many variables & it really comes down to the products, margins, marketing and the time you put into the business. 

We see most of our clients earning anywhere from $2000 to $10,000 a month in sales in their first 3 to 6 months of trading. 
 Profits vary, but are usually around half of this.

What’s the difference between these businesses and other shopping cart websites advertised?
  1. We don’t charge you monthly or ongoing fees like Shopify do. 

  2. Our websites are all set up so you can start selling ASAP (no waiting for your site to be built). 

  3. We help you source suppliers & teach you how to deal with them. 

  4. We provide website & business training to help you start making money as soon as possible. We actually care about the success of your business! 

  5. We teach you how to market & advertise your store.
  6. We don’t keep a commission on any of your sales.
  7. We can build you a custom site with your own ideas.
  8. You will have a dedicated Business Coach to see you through the initial start phase for your inclusion package period.
How many drop shippers & vendors do you have in the U.S?

With some of our packages we will source up to 5 vendors/suppliers for you.  Otherwise you will have access to our database of over 20,000 suppliers WorldWide. 

There are literally hundreds of thousands of suppliers in the United States.  We like to personalise our service, and because every client is different and wants to sell unique products to them, we provide one-on-one assistance with finding appropriate suppliers for your business. We have an extensive database of suppliers that we also give our clients access to.

We don’t have any special arrangements in place with any particular supplier/s, as there are just too many of them to be able to do this. 
We source some of the best suppliers via trade fairs, referrals & wholesale membership groups. 

There are 2 options with selling products. These options are:

Drop Shipping arrangement: 

Some suppliers offer drop-shipping services, which saves you holding stock and mailing products out to your customers.

We have access to several drop-shipping companies locally & World Wide. The margins are usually anywhere from 30% up to 100%.  See diagram below.

Supplier / Wholesale arrangement: 

This is the best option in our opinion as your profitmargins are usually anywhere from 40% to 200% depending on the products you are selling. This option allows you to sell brand name items at a higher margin. This will take more time as you will have to deal with suppliers and customers.

You usually don’t need to hold stock as you can order in on a needs basis, some suppliers have minimum orders so you will need to keep this in mind. Compiling orders and then placing the order once a week is usually recommended to avoid holding stock.  See diagram below.

Do we have to pay for drop ship vendors & what are the shipping time frames?

Some vendors/suppliers charge a small monthly fee to access their online ordering system for drop shipping.   The fee is usually around $30 per month.

Shipping time frames in the U.S vary depending on the vendor, shipping and handling can take anywhere from 2 days up o 15 days depending on the vendor and logistics.

Do I need experience in online businesses or retail to run one of these businesses?

No, but you do need to be proficient on a computer. Word Press is very easy to use and we offer training on this.  If you know how to send an email, edit a word document and buy online you should be fine.

How many hours does this business take to run?

You need to allocate approx. 5 to 20 hours per week, depending on the amount of orders you receive.

What are the financial benefits with having an online business?

Online sales are expected to double over the next 3 years. That means more people are purchasing products online and this is growing year by year.

You can get a piece of this by having an online retail business. The financial benefits are you have no glass ceiling on your income and you’re not trading time for money, PLUS you can build a business that’s sell-able.

Do I need to work set hours or days on the business, or do I need office space?

No. The beauty about having an online business is you can run it from ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. You can set your hours based on your desired lifestyle, and your business is transportable so if you want to go overseas and work under a palm tree in the Bahamas, you can! All you need is a computer & an Internet connection to run one of these businesses.

Why doesn't Click Start Digital run these businesses and keep them?

Our core business is to help others create a profitable home based business that is scalable and eventually saleable. We love creating online businesses for our clients, our dream is to help as many people as we can break out of the 9 to 5 and create a lifestyle they want. 
For us to run the businesses, we would not be able to sell them as cheap as we do, and we would then turn into a business broker, which is not our focus.

If we decided to focus on this business model and sell the businesses making an income, the costs for our stores would be 3 to 8 times the existing package prices.

How does Click Start Digital make money?

Click Start Digital DO NOT have ANY financial tie-ins to your new business whatsoever.  We do not make money off any advertising you do, nor do we make any money or get any kick backs off the suppliers you choose.

Our business model is structured to make money off each of our packages. This is the only source of income we receive from our clients. 

What are the differences between an online shop and a shop front retail business?

The benefits of an online business are you don’t need to pay expensive shop rent, staffing, insurance and stock! AND you can run the business from anywhere in your own time. 

You can even go on holidays and run your business from overseas if you need too. We have clients who live in overseas Countries and run their business from home.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans on all of our packages.  We charge an admin fee of 7.5% on the cost of the package cost.

What’s the benefit of buying one of these businesses versus an established business making money?

The cost. If you buy an established business expect to pay 2 to 3 times the amount of revenue the business is making e.g. if the business makes $50,000 per year revenue, expect to pay $100,000 to buy the business.

There are no guarantees that you will be able to reproduce the income the business has made either, plus you don’t get business training.

Do I own the store outright & do you duplicate stores?

We do not duplicate niche stores.

Our idea is to harness entrepreneurial people and put them in the best position possible to be able run their own business; not create in-house competition.  

We will occasionally reproduce stores within the same sector i.e. organic products / baby products / clothing

Once you choose your inclusion package – we transfer the business into your name and the business becomes yours 100%.