10 Killer Ecommerce Marketing Tips

ecommerce marketing

There are hundreds of ecommerce marketing strategies you can implement in hopes of generating leads and expanding your brand. However, there are some marketing strategies that cannot be beat for effectiveness. So no matter what industry you are in or what you hope to gain, you need to incorporate these strategies to make a killer ecommerce marketing campaign.

1. Deliver interesting, informative content on a regular basis to keep your customers engaged in your brand and visiting your website. Include a variety of content from interesting articles to photographs and infographics to videos and audio to engage your customers on every level.

2. Improve your site performance and web design. Make sure that your website is user-friendly and has a quick uptime. If your site is clunky or locks up you’ll lose customers before you even have a chance to engage them.

3. Take advantage of website analytics tools. Analytics tools can provide you crucial information about what marketing campaigns are the most effective, so you can replicate the success.

4. Nowadays, everyone uses their mobile devices to surf the web, so make sure all of your campaigns, websites, and even emails are mobile optimised.

5. Create social media campaigns for multiple platforms. Target your strategy for each social media site. Offer different content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so your can provide a multi-tiered experience for your customers.

6. Target a campaign to your email list. Your email list is still the best way to engage your customers and drive traffic to your website.

7. Implement a loyalty campaign to encourage customer retention and inspire customer action. You can do this by collecting emails or inviting your customers to like you on social media, then offer them exclusive content, discounts, and brand experiences.

8. Create a forum where customers can engage with your brand and produce user-generated content through social media posts, comment sections, product reviews.

9. Be careful how you spend your advertising money. Focus on growing your brand organically. Too much online advertising can damage and reduce the credibility of your brand.

10. Get creative! One of the best parts about online marketing is that the overhead is very low. So you can test some of your more creative ideas without worrying