Driving Traffic To A New Online Shop

When you have a new online shop, one of your very first priorities is going to be getting visitors to your store. Not only do you want traffic, but you want valuable traffic from those people most likely to convert their visits to sales. So, how do you drive traffic to your new online shop? There are a few different things you can do.

One of the simplest and most valuable approaches is reaching out to influencers. From cosmetics, to fashion, to gadgets, to software, there is an influencer out there with social media and YouTube channels teeming with similarly interested followers. When you reach those influencers, you also reach that pool of subscribers and fans, which then become interested parties driving traffic to your website. Offering influencers products in exchange for a review is a great way to get some valuable attention.

Next, you might want to consider taking to Reddit. While you may think of Reddit and have funny memes or new stories come to mind first, the platform is actually a whole lot more than that. Touted as the “place where the internet hangs out”, Reddit offers different sub Reddit forums for just about any interest or topic a person can think of. Placing yourself in this space and mentioning your store in relevant subreddits can really pique interested minds.

Engaging on social media can also help to gain attention. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even the latest powerhouse Snap Chat if you’re looking to target a younger demographic, create content that spells out your personality and attracts attention. If you have friends and family following you on your social media channels, encouraging them to share can help you to increase your number of followers while also grabbing attention from potentially interested parties.