Crafting More Persuasive Product Copy

Most retail business owners didn’t get into the industry to write amazing stories. After all, sales are the bottom line that you’re focused on. But, in a world where most people are shopping online, the fact is that your product copy will have a huge impact on sales potential.

There are still some places where an in-person sales pitch is needed, but think about how online shoppers shop – they visit your site, look at some images, and read descriptions of products, your company, your website, social media posts, and more.

All of that text is referred to as ‘copy’, and if you want to stand out more effectively online you’ll need to take time to craft copy that is more impactful and persuasive. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a master novelist in order to do so. Just remember a few tips to help you craft better copy.

The key is understanding that today’s customers are tired of having stale sales pitches thrown at them. Instead, focus on telling a kind of micro-story that will inspire them to understand that they need what you’re offering. Here are some examples.

  • Find a problem and solve it. Maybe it’s a quick mention of steaks that are always cooked too much and an explanation of how a remote meat thermometer helps avoid the issue. That’s one example. From fashion to health to the kitchen to the car, find the problems your products solve and craft stories around them.
  • Paint a perfect picture of how easy life could be or how much more enjoyable it will be with a particular product. Give them a vision that your products make reality and you’ll see an increase in results.
  • Mention a feature and then go deeper. Make a quick mention of what something is or what a special feature it has might be. This captures their attention. Then, dive into the specifics.

What you’re trying to do is to capture emotions and form a connection between what you’re selling and the person you’re selling to. If you can do that, your online copy will be dramatically better.