How To Blog In Today’s Internet

At the dawn of the Internet era, blogging was considered not just entertaining, but essential to marketing. It was where big, meaty chunks of content could be created and consumed by the public and potential customers. Today, the Internet is a very different place and some people claim that “blogging is dead.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Blogging is still very much an essential marketing process. Driving the audience to your blog is what has changed.

Social Media Matters

Social media platforms like Twitter are, where some claim, it all happens. Twitter was even originally touted as a “micro-blogging platform” where people could write small messages. Now the majority of engagement and communication happens on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, but this is just the start. Social media in this case, is the key. It’s the “headline” you can now use to capture the attention of readers and then drive them to more detailed meaningful content that is your blog. Ask the question that readers will have, and let them know the answer to that question is available on your blog.

Engagement Matters

The important thing to remember with social media however, is that it’s social. Just spamming links to a blog entry, sales promotion or any other marketing activity may get some response. But using your social media platform to actually interact with and engage your customers is what gets even more responses. This is the foundation of social media, it’s SOCIAL.

The reason that social media has become so popular, especially with celebrities, is because people want that interaction. When they get it, they become more invested. It’s the same with a product or service, that stops being just another peripheral consideration and starts being taken more seriously when customers ask questions and get answers or comments that show they are being heard. All this then feeds into directing people to the more detailed content of your blog.