5 Tips For Using Images On Twitter

Studies have shown that visual images engage users more than just text alone. However, not just any picture will give your profile or tweets the likeable personality it needs.

1. A Larger Header Image For Your Profile

Twitter, like other social media sites including Facebook, allows you to add a larger header image for your profile. Twitter recommends using an image that is 1500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall, but a 1500 X 421 can work just as well. You may even choose to make the header a simple solid colour that harmonizes with your logo.

2. Humanize Your Company

Your Twitter profile might be representing a brand, but that doesn’t mean you should scrub out any references to individual people. Try using pictures of customers, employees, your CEO, or even just stock photos of people for a welcoming and ‘human’ look. You can use these with your tweets, use them as a header, or even as your personal photograph for the square profile picture.

3. Adding Words To Images To Convey Meaning

Whether you are sharing a quote or a factoid with your audience, overlaying the words over an image can really grab their attention. Though before you click share, make sure that the words and the picture harmonize with each other to better emphasize your meaning.

4. Choosing The Right Colours

Unless there is some symbolic colour that promotes the message better, we recommend that you use warm bright colours so your tweets stand out and to bring a more positive look to your tweets.

5. Horizontal Images Are Best

When choosing or creating an image for Twitter, or other social sites for that matter, horizontal pictures work best. While long vertical images have their own benefits, these pictures often get cut off or are nearly impossible to make out.