3 Marketing Tips For The Underdog

While it can still be an uphill battle in many ways, digital marketing allows entrepreneurs to establish a clear business presence to a large audience. In some ways, it gives the smaller guys an opportunity to shine that the big companies can’t accomplish.

After all, everyone loves an underdog.

However, in order to put this underdog status to good use, you need to makes the most out of every dollar you put into digital marketing.

1. Invest In SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is what puts your brand at the top of the Google search results. Why does this matter? Well research shows that 81% of shoppers begin the buying process with a Google search. In fact, 35% of all ecommerce traffic comes straight from search engines. However, it is important to note that your SEO campaign will not bring in results overnight and can take a few months before it increases traffic.

2. Create Engaging Content

When it comes to digital marketing, content is the foundation of your brand’s message. What is the purpose of your startup? What does your small business hope to accomplish? What values does your brand stand for? Content creation gives you a chance to define your online image and gives your audience something they can root for.

3. Seek Out Influencers

Using an influencer, a prominent figure with a large following, allows you to expand your community. However, you need to find an influencer that agrees with your brand’s message and that fits with your target market. For example, makeup companies frequently seek out YouTube makeup artists to represent their brand and provide them with free samples in order to do so.
Others may look for a more charity driven approach, such as vowing to donate a portion of their proceeds to an animal shelter or to plant a tree for every retweet of an image.