10 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Account: Part 2

We’ve already shown you 10 ways that you can more effectively use Instagram for your business. But you know what? We’re not done! Here’s 10 more additional ways!

Use Carousel Posts

If you’ve got a lot of images to show off, make it more fun and interesting by compiling carousel posts!

Use Inspirational Quotes

Don’t just be about marketing, be about inspiration too. Memorable quotes, or even memes, are things people will remember! Make those memorable associations about you and your business!

Create Tutorials

If you have advice or instructions on something people want to know about, especially if it relates to your product or service, create a tutorial video. It’s useful and attention-grabbing!

Don’t Forget Fun

It’s not just instructional videos you should be posting. Any video that is engaging, fun or interesting should go up on your Instagram account!

Use Prompts

Want to get comments, opinions or other user-generated content? Ask for it! With prompts you can give the direction that encourages people to contribute.

Show Your Sense Of Community

Don’t just be a business, be involved in your community. And once you are involved, show that involvement on Instagram with photos and videos. It generates more goodwill and positivity.

Do A Q&A

If you want to engage with your customers and potential customers, ask questions, or answer them! Social media is about interaction, so don’t forget to do this with an occasional Q&A session.

Event Coverage

Especially good for local activities and local markets! Cover events and post them on Instagram, because those will be hot topics, and you’ll be associated with it.

Cross Promote

Don’t’ work alone, get the most out of partnerships. Strike up cross promotions with other brands, services and products to get even better results.

Use Influencers

Some people on Instagram have a lot of followers, so take advantage of that. Engage influencers and watch them spike your numbers!