10 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Account: Part 1

With Instagram being the latest social media platform to go into heavy rotation, you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of it! Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you use your Instagram account for your business the right way!

Product Photos

The no-brainer. You should be doing this all the time with your products if you have any to offer.

Shoppable Posts

Make sure when you show products, you enable Instagram users to interact with “tags.” That way when they click on tags they can get more product information or even buy the product!

Tag Friends

Encourage your followers to “tag” their friends if they think those friends would be interested in what you have to offer!

Run Contests

Instagram is very contest friendly. Just make sure you follow the Instagram guidelines, and your own local and state regulations for contests, and watch the interest rise!

Go Behind The Scenes

Show followers what happens in the background. Not only does it humanize you, it can generate interest about your product or service, and be much cheaper to produce since it doesn’t have to be so polished.

Spotlight Employees

In the same vein, try giving credit where it’s due! When you bring out and celebrate your employees with a spot-light and accolades, it humanizes your business and also shows how nice you are!

Create Live Content

If you announce it in advance, sometimes the fastest way to connect is with live photos or video! Prepare ac-cordingly and make it interesting!

Be Current

Whatever is happening during the season, make sure to acknowledge and exploit for spring/summer or other season related activities.

Repost Users

When other Instagram users/followers do something interesting, repost it! This creates a lot of loyalty.

Announce Milestones

Put up a celebratory image when a new milestone is crossed, or product is available! Make it an event!